A photojournal of the Wooster Square neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut. And, occasionally a photo of New Haven, of course, of course.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The center of Hurricane Irene hit the Connecticut coast about 8 am this morning.  The winds were pretty boisterous at around 70 miles per hour.  Lots of coastal flooding and downed trees.  I didn't lose power nor did my neighborhood but apparently around 700,000 folks are without in CT.  Wooster Square park lost a lot of limbs from the trees and one that couldn't withstand the gusts of wind. 
I hope that Jack from Hartford Daily Photo and Bruce from The Quiet Corner of Connecticut are ok.


  1. Oi, pretty dramatic! So glad you are OK.

  2. Glad that naughty Irene wasn't as nasty as they predicted! Bad enough!
    Best wishes to you and yours, Suzanne!

  3. We came through the storm just fine. It is kind of you to be concerned. Thank you. And, glad you are doing OK, too.