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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Strouse, Adler Company

In Wooster Square, which is part of the Downtown District of New Haven, you'll find the Strouse, Adler Company, a now defunct corset company. The building itself was constructed during the Civil War era, circa 1860 and was in business producing foundations and garments until 1999. Lara Corset and Gown's says, "Max Adler and Isaac Strouse were the leaders of New Haven’s corset industry. In 1860, Strouse bought out the McAlister and Smith Corset Manufacturing Business, and, with Adler, his employee, began to develop a home industry for corset production by selling newly minted Singer sewing machines door to door to Yankee, Irish, and German women. In 1866, Strouse established the first corset factory in the United States, a precursor to Strouse, Adler on Oak Street in New Haven. By 1890, there were nine corset firms operating in New Haven, making the city the largest manufacturer of corsets in the United States." WOW, all here in New Haven!
Today it's known as the Smoothie Building which has been converted into a 5 story apartment building with 146 spacious apartments.Ugh.

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  1. Oi, the bad old days. In my high school in Chicago the girls all wore a girdle.

    The SMOOTHIE Building? haha