A photojournal of the Wooster Square neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut. And, occasionally a photo of New Haven, of course, of course.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Taco Trucks of Long Wharf

I'm not sure why there are three or four taco trucks that park along Long Wharf, I mean I can understand one maybe two but there are at least three sometimes four parked and ready to serve you up a taco or two. Along with the taco trucks there is always a rose truck and the Flag Man selling flags. You'll see them another time. Santa Apolonia Taco Truck
Ixtapa Taco Truck
And, ironically I think this one is Ixtapa also. A taco by any other name would smell just as good. During the summer I'll go do a taste test for you all. For now let's blow this taco stand!!*
Let's blow this taco stand means let's get out of here - no violence! The phrase is also heard as let's blow this Popsicle stand or pop stand. Yalla! Let's blow this taco stand.


  1. From the first shot I thought this was a what do you call them? Money transporters? Lol!

  2. To Ciel: A Brink's armored car would be appropriate if they were carrying chocolate instead of tacos.

    Suzanne, thanks for the language lesson. I need to keep up on American.