A photojournal of the Wooster Square neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut. And, occasionally a photo of New Haven, of course, of course.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blind Boys of Alabama

Last week in New Haven the International Festival of Arts and Ideas began. It's a great two weeks of concerts, lectures, plays, cultural performances and things to make you think. This years big FREE featured concert on the green was the Blind Boys of Alabama.
Formed in 1939 the Blind Boys are one of the best gospel and blues group around. Two of the original members have passed but the others are still going strong. When they walk onto the stage they hold on to the shoulder of the guy in front of them and a sighted member of the group brings them on and in place to perform. They said they are there to sing the gospel and that they did!
Below is Jimmy Carter, the main attraction who ventures out into the audience towards the end of the show. My friend and I were up close so I was able to get a good shot of him.
Everybody wants to touch him.
Below is the woman who was sitting next to us. At a certain point in the concert everyone got up and just started dancin' and whoppin' it up.


  1. I'm so sorry I missed this! It was the same weekend as the Strawberry Festival at the Monroe church. Looks like it was a fabulous time.

  2. An interesting performance, woman sitting next to you included!