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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Makin' Art in the Neighborhood

It was a nice day in New Haven and while I was on my way to a museum I passed by a small building on Water Street. It has always been graffiti'd up in an artful way but today the artists were out and working, making art. The largest mural paid tribute to Thanksgiving, green beans and all.I struck up a conversation with the artists who are all friends and living in the New Haven area. They work and do this art because it's what they love and want to do. The City of New Haven won't give them a wall so the owner of the building lets them use his building to make their art....so in case you're wondering...it's legal! They want to show that graffiti doesn't have to show demon related stuff.
This sunflower was beautiful to see on a summer's late fall day in November.
Make sure you check this out....and then watch for tomorrow's entry!
They're serious about their work and their professionalism shows as well as their regard for the art form.
I think these lovelies are from the movie, The Wild, an animated movie about animals who live in a zoo and decide to go live in the wild. What they realize is that they don't know how to live in the wild outside of the confines of the zoo. Sounds rather Shawshank Redemption-eske to me.
Check back tomorrow for more transformations.

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