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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Wooster Square....But

Still Tel Aviv. The first afternoon we were there it was beautiful so we took a long walk on the beaches.
Lot's of sailboats were out on the Mediterranean Sea. Gentle breeze, warm sun, ahhh.
This is Tel Aviv at dusk looking on from the ancient port of Jaffa. Jaffa photos will start tomorrow.
Tel Aviv from the rooftop of my hotel. Quite a mix of architecture as you can see.
You might ask what this is. So did I of our tour guide. "Imitation Gaudi", he said and that was all. No explanation, no nothing. That lead me to believe that the guide didn't know anything else or that he wasn't willing to talk about it. I had no clue who Gaudi was and thought he said 'imitation gaudy', so much for my limited architectural tastes. I took it upon myself to look up Gaudi and found out that Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect in the late 1880's. Kitschy.
Sunset over the Mediterranean.

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  1. Nice. The sea is the best part of Tel Aviv.

    But you have to love Gaudi's fantastic church in Barcelona!