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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not Wooster Square....But

The Ancient Seaport of Jaffa. Jaffa is one of the oldest cities with a harbor in use since the Bronze. This is the port where Jewish settlers first came back to the land in the 1800's. A window in the old city. Woman waiting.
Because Jaffa is such a picturesque town brides come here to be photographed. On this day a bride came and a group of local students surrounded her and began to dance. When they opened up she was twirling around like a whirling dervish.

The Statue of Faith depicting the Sacrifice of Isaac, Jacob's Dream and the Fall of Jericho. More Jaffa tomorrow.


  1. Some really beautiful shots of a fantastic place!! I really enjoyed this post !!

  2. Yes, unusual shots of Yaffo.
    What a nice thing to do for the bride and how lucky that you were there at just the right time. I hope her own photographer got shots of the twirling.