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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday is the night in which Jesus gives a new commandment to his disciples, to love one another just as he loved.

On this night Christian's examine what Jesus has done for them and what he has yet to accomplish. He comes to us in a lowly manger and then ministers to us through the leper, the blind man, and the prostitute. He mounts a humble donkey and rides closer to his death. He hands us a towel so that we might be cleansed. He hands us some bread and wine in order for us to be refreshed. He gives to us his life, freely and willingly for he could have gotten away.

On this night we are threatened by silence. For in this hush is every person’s story. Your story, my story and the story of Jesus’ miraculous love. It is in the silence and between the lines that lay the acts of human misery and the reality of our lives, the questioning, the doubt, the fear. The complacency, the betrayal and mistrust.

On this night and in this silence we wrestle between good intentions and indifference, our yesterdays and today’s. Yet, this quiet begets the fullest potential of who we can be and reveals to us the power of God’s love.

On this night, the night in which Jesus was betrayed he gives yet again, a new commandment to love. Simply love. Deeply love. Honestly love just as he loves us. For we know that on that night and on this night he will love us till then end.

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