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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yale Law School

One of the fascinating features about Yale University buildings is the Gothic style architecture. Each building looks similar but when you really stop to look at the gargoyles you see how different they are. Each building reflects the nature of the college within. Today and tomorrow I'm showing you gargoyles from the Yale Law School. These are two lintels from two of the doors Sterling Law Building. They were designed by James Gamble Rogers. The students look attentive but the professor, well, not so much.
This professor is waxing poetically and has put the students to sleep. You can read more about these lintels and some of the other humorous gargoyles if you click above on the Sterling Law Building link. The law school was established in 1824 and has seen the likes of President William Taft who was a professor of constitutional law and Gerald Ford a graduate. And, of course, who could forget Bill and Hill. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, both graduates of Yale Law School. That's where they met.

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  1. Very different. They look like they should be medieval but they aren't.