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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coit Tower

Here we are now, still the first day, up on Telegraph Hill visiting Coit Tower.  The tower was constructed in 1933, a commission by Lillie Hitchock Coit.  Lillie was apparently rather eccentric in her ways smoking cigars and all.  She also had a life long obsession with firefighting and she herself was a volunteer firefighter.  Coit Tower, named after Lillie was commissioned in honor of the firefighters of the San Francisco Bay Area. 
 It is said that the tower resembles the nozzle of a fire hose but that has been refuted.  Some urban legend I suppose.  The plaza outside of the tower holds some magnificent views of San Fran.
Once inside of the tower, before you ascend to the top, there are extraordinary murals that tell the history of the area.  The murals were part of the Public Works of Art act which gave jobs to area artists during the Great Depression.  Very cool.
Once on top though you have a 360 degree view of San Francisco.  Below is the Transamerica Building.
 Here's Alcatraz Island, no longer functional as a prison. 
 Lovers inside of the Coit Tower observation deck.
Another view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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