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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lombard Street

San Francisco's crookedest street is Lombard Street.  It's pretty crooked, intentionally so that people are killed going down it!  It's lined with beautiful Victorian Homes.

What I love about Carrie is that she is as adventurous as me, maybe even more so because she suggested we drive down Lombard Street.  She's photographing Lombard Street from across town.  You can see the zig zag of Lombard in between the two clumps of trees.  I also love Carrie because she loves my son!

 This is the view behind us.  You can see Coit Tower in the distance.
 And the view of Lombard Street ahead of us.
After we waited in line it was our turn to head on down.  Really, I can't imagine living on Lombard Street no matter how elegant and ritzy they are.  The traffic is constant. 
We made it just fine, she has good brakes.

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