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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Center Church on the Green

New Haven, affectionately known as the Elm City, is one of the oldest formally planned cities in America based on a Nine square grid. The center grid is the New Haven Green which is host to three churches side by side. The center church is Center Church on the Green a church of the United Church of Christ, Connecticut Conference. The really fun aspect of the church is that they have a crypt underneath open for guided tours.
Some of the headstones date back to 1687 through 1812 and mark some of New Haven's founding father's families. Why..even Benedict Arnold's first wife is buried in the crypt.
The sanctuary above the crypt is quite lovely, very typical of the old New England Meetinghouse.

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  1. Oh so unusual (at least to my untutored eyes)!
    I've seen flat tombs in crypts of Catholic cathedrals. But never saw a crypt full of headstones too, and paved-over graves.

    The sign asking for proper respect is nicely worded. Our holy places here could learn from it, how to write signs.