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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remember Last May?

Yale University holds graduation on Memorial Day Weekend. Milo and I happened to walk over to Yale on graduation day. Graduates were strolling all over the campus along with their families. I saw yellow police tape cordoning off some area around the law school. After finding an opening I walked in and sat down in front of this limo motorcade. While, no one officially would tell me who would be coming out, a few other people who had gathered told me that Hillary Clinton was addressing the law grads.
Cool, I thought. So I sat down on a stone wall and waited it out, along with the secret service. Then, the secret service got in their cars and started them up. I, too, turned my camera on and got ready.
Here comes Hillary - the one with the shades on. Worth the wait, we yelled out hello and she smiled, said hello and waved back at us.

Milo thought it was a good morning, he especially liked sitting on the stone fence. He also thinks that he should be the next "Handsome Dan" mascot for Yale. It makes no difference to him a Blab, Beagle-Lab mix that the previous Dan's, since the late 1800's have been bull dogs. No difference at all.

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