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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And Now for a Short Break

It's always nice to go away and it's always great to get back home again and back into routine. Last night I went to another cooking session at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange, Connecticut. It's original congregation had their roots in New Haven. While I was gone I missed a couple of classes that had some wonderful dishes. Thankfully, Jackie Knoll stepped up to the proverbial plate and did some photographing for me. In the next few days I will post photos from last night's session.This is Oly demonstrating the string beans, onions and tomato side dish that went along with spiced pork roast with wine sauce.
Below is Jane holding the bowl of fennel baked with artichokes, onions, bell peppers and lima beans. Why did I go away?
I don't have a photo of the finished product but this looks good enough to eat just as is. Then, what I have been waiting for throughout my days at St. Barbara...and missed...they showed us how to make BAKLAVA. How sweet it is, God's gift to humanity (among other things). Honestly, has anyone ever done an icon of a tray of baklava? I mean no religious disrespect, I love icons. If icons are a way in which one can enter into the mystery and majesty of the divine, well, in my book baklava qualifies.
And, as always, the final feast. The crown which caps a perfect night of cooking, learning and women's fellowship.

Thanks Jackie for your photos.

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  1. You are funny here; you really take the cake!