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Monday, March 22, 2010

The New Haven Fire Department

The Central Station of the New Haven Fire Department is a stone's throw from my house. I've walked by many times and have seen this old fire truck alongside of shiny, big, white and modern fire trucks. It was a nice day. The doors were open. I walked in and asked if I could have a look and take a photo. This is a truck from the mid 1800's. One of the firemen came over and explained all about it. Quite a bit different than what we're used to seeing today.

From the NH Fire Department website... "Now home to Engine 4, Truck 1 and Car 32. The original home to Hook & Ladder 1 was on Artizan Street. This was known as the Mutual Hook & Ladder 1. The original Engine 4 was located on Wallace and Saint John Streets. This was The James Brewster Steam Fire Engine Number 4."


  1. I really appreciate such stuff !! But i dnt think this is used now a days !!

  2. This particular truck is not used anymore. It's been replaced by the big hook and ladder truck with hydraulic hoses.

  3. I like your banner photo and your photos of inside the Trinity church yesterday. i like the texture of those photos. This truck is very interesting. I am glad you are enjoying the Biosphere photos. they are different.

  4. Gorgeous banner picture and a very interesting image of this vintage fire truck. They had to be very brave to ride this against a serious fire.