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Monday, March 15, 2010


Three cooks, three delicious dishes, one night and one meal...almost trinity like! It was delicious. We began with Psarosoupa - fish soup. I thought ugh! I don't eat fish but Oly here convinced me that it was good, and so it wasOly says there are lots of islands in Greece and lots of fishermen out selling their catch of the day. They bring the leftovers home and throw them into a big pot with vegetables and you have Psarosoupa. Today, Oly says, we go to Trader Joes.
I had a small bowl with the broth and veggies, no fish for me. It was good.
Here's Marie Basel. I've never cooked with her but she is the cooking maven who was instrumental in the classes that St. Barbara holds. Marie and her husband used to have a restaurant in New Haven on State Street called Basel's and apparently it was the best. Before my time, wish I could have gone because she made Chicken with Spinach and Feta - as Rachel Ray says, "Delics....".
Spinach, feta, onion, cheese, oh yum. She cooked the mixture before stuffing the chicken breasts. Below she is fileting the breasts and then stuffing them.
Oh yes, did I tell you that the Chicken with Spinach and Feta is served with a smooth lemon sauce? After making a white sauce you add lemon juice and throw parsley in right before you serve the chicken.
And now Virginia. You've met Virgina before. Even though her mother makes the best BAKLAVA in the world she showed us how to make Almond Cake.
It sort of looks like she's yelling at us but she's not. She's just very emphatic when she needs to make a point. She talks and tells stories as she beats the ingredients. Here she was telling us about when she was newly married and her husband, who is also Greek, asked her to make Moussaka. She didn't know how! She went to her dad who bought her a cook book. Since then she has made many a moussaka and has made it her own. Eventually she told her husband.
So good, so fulfilling.

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  1. Imagine--a Greek bride who can't make moussaka.
    So many lessons you are learning in that class, lucky you.